Bank Account in Bulgaria



DSK Bank is the absolute leader in retail banking and undoubtedly the most popular bank in Bulgaria. DSK Bank is also oriented towards the development of the commercial activities of its corporate clients and the financing of small, medium and micro-enterprises. DSK Bank is a sought-after and privileged partner in these segments. DSK Bank benefits from the largest and densest branch network in Bulgaria and thus from an incomparable infrastructure for providing its services. The Bank has a good knowledge of the local potential and guarantees a high level of service through an individual approach and a comprehensive range of banking products and services.

DSK Bank's leading position in a number of segments of the Bulgarian banking market is the result of its aspiration for an optimal combination of tradition and constant renewal and its commitment to establishing and maintaining high standards in the banking sector.

Since January 1999, DSK has been transformed into a single State-owned joint stock company with DSK Bank. In 2002, 100% of DSK Bank's share capital became the property of DSK Bank Consolidation Company and in October 2003, following a successful privatisation process, OTP Hungary became the sole owner of DSK Bank's share capital. Thanks to the rapid adaptation to the high standards of the OTP Group and the large-scale investment programme of the Hungarian owner, the Bank was able to implement a very successful transformation programme from a state-owned enterprise to an efficient and effective private bank. Together with its subsidiaries, it has built a solid, extremely dynamic, modern and flexible financial group, focused on the needs of all customer segments,

Phone: 00 359 2 489 99 89/801 05 36

Fax: 00359 2974 27 85


Online banking

Online banking gives you 24-hour access to your business accounts.

Your benefits

  • Access to your business assets - anytime, anywhere, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection
  • Lower prices for banking transactions
  • You have the option of using saved translation forms
  • User-friendly interface
  • You determine what access rights your employees should have to company accounts.

With Internet banking, you can keep an eye on things:

  • Availability, credit and debit transactions on your accounts
  • Utility payments made (for electricity, water, etc.)
  • Transactions carried out with your professional bank cards
  • Your business loans
  • The status of ordered transactions
  • DSK Bank's current exchange rates for the main currencies with which the Bank operates

Manage Transactions:

  • Between the company's own accounts with DSK Bank
  • Purchase and sale of foreign currency (including negotiated exchange rates for transactions above EUR 5 000)
  • Intra-bank transfers in BGN and foreign currencies
  • Interbank transfers in BGN and foreign currency
  • Budget payment orders
  • Mass file transfers - payroll, vendor and budget
  • Paying utility bills through debt collection
  • Requesting / refusing SMS services

You can choose one of the following tools to sign transactions:

How much will it cost me?

You pay fees and commissions for Internet banking services according to the Bank's tariff, depending on the rate plan you choose.


Bank rates

Here is a translation of the banking facts of DSK Bank:     DSK Bank Rates

This is a translation made with an online translator. (Google Translate).

If you want to open a bank account in Bulgaria, contact our experts.



Bank Account in Bulgaria


Business Credit Card MasterCard / Visa

With MasterCard Business Credit and DSA Visa Business Credit, you have fast and secure access to money and can easily manage your business-specific expenses - business expenses, hotels, fuel, business meetings, office supplies and more.

With MasterCard Business Credit and DSA Visa Business Credit, you have fast and secure access to money and can easily manage your business-specific expenses - business expenses, hotels, fuel, business meetings, office supplies and more. With them, you can carry out all standard credit card transactions - hotel and airline reservations, car rental, merchant payment, ATM withdrawals and more.

The MasterCard Business Credit and Visa Business Credit credit cards are intended for use by officers and employees of commercial companies and practitioners. The cards are issued under a credit limit approved by the company in BGN or EUR.

Your advantages:

  • 0% agreed interest rate for all transaction types
  • Access to working capital at all times
  • Continuous cost control
  • There is no limit to the number of cards that can be issued under a credit limit.
  • Each card is personalised with the cardholder's name and the company name and has an individual credit limit that you, as the company's manager / representative, define.
  • Free travel assistance abroad
  • Free SMS on every transaction
  • Free SMS for the amount due for the renewal.

What and when should I deposit on my card?

On the 5th, each month the amount of the revolving amount you must deposit to use the card is calculated. The amount due for the revaluation is 100% of the credit limit used on the due date.

Please note: you have 10 calendar days after the due date to deposit the amount due.

How do I find out how much I owe on my card?

Each month, after the due date, the Bank generates a statement for learning:

  • renewal amount due
  • the date by which you must submit it
  • Transaction information.

For your convenience, we offer alternatives to receiving your monthly statement:

  • via DSK Direct e-banking
  • on-site at each branch of the Bank
  • on a paper statement you receive at the address you specify. It is important to know that if the address is incorrect or when the change is made, the Bank will not be able to issue your statement.
  • You can also obtain more information on the amount of revolving debt owed:
  • In each DSK Bank branch
  • By free SMS on your mobile phone;

How do I deposit the renewable minimum amount?

For your convenience, we offer several options to easily manage your card's credit limit. You can deposit the amount due for revolutions:

  • In each DSK Bank branch
  • By transfer to your credit card account - via DSK Direct, at a bank branch or by external transfer
  • Automatically from a DSK Bank account you specify


DSK Bank Private Banking offers an enhanced level of service to the most demanding high net worth clients for their financial services needs. Their wide range of flexible products and services is designed for customers looking for a comprehensive private banking service.

At DSK Bank, their approach is to have a complete view of your assets. Your relationship manager will help you identify your wealth objectives and develop personalized strategies to help you achieve them.


  • Pursue best lending practices
  • Maintain leadership position in retail banking
  • Partner of small, medium and micro-enterprises in their financing
  • Aiming at the commercial development of client companies
  • Social commitment to our employees, providing an excellent environment for their work, training and career growth.
  • "First among peers" in dynamic Bulgarian banking activity
  • DSK Bank will continue to be the trusted leader among users of banking and financial services.


  • Long-term perspectives - a transparent and pragmatic long-term development programme for DSK Bank
  • Skills and experience
  • Their most valuable asset is our reputation
  • Responsible interrelationships
  • Partnership - partnership fosters interdependence, mutual respect and support
  • Their excessive social responsibility guarantees customer loyalty and engenders the involvement of shareholders and partners.
  • Customer-oriented
  • Partnership with all clusters and social groups
  • Search for a high quality service
  • Financial integrity and efficiency
  • Introduce new processes, procedures and technologies to meet the challenges of the dynamic banking market and to succeed in it.